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Acne Why Me!

Well! There are lots of good reasons why you have it genetically speaking but you are a teenager! Most likely you don’t have enough time in your life to read this so I will be brief. Your skin has pores and you can probably see them. Imagine these pores being the doors of tunnels called follicles. Around these follicles are glands called sebaceous glands and they produce oil. This oil is called sebum. Sebum is produced by our skin to protect it from outside environmental aggressions like the wind and cold weather. It is slightly acidic to protect us from bacterial invasion.

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When you are going through puberty your body is changing towards adulthood and your hormones are shifting. This hormonal imbalance is vey irritating to the sebaceous glands. When the glands are irritated they produce an enormous amount of oil. This oil has to get out through the follicle and coast the surface of the skin to protect it. If the oil cannot get out of the pores and stays in the follicle you now have clogged pores, and only at Nicole’s Skin Care in Clearwater, FL will you get this much free information!

How does a pore clog!

On the surface of the skin there is a lot of dead cells and debris, which collects around the edge of the pores, and little by little the pores close and form plugs called comedons (clogged pore). During this stage the condition is not very visible. You can see little bumps especially when you are hot from exercising or at the end of the day when you are tired. This is the beginning stage of acne. Now that the pores are actually clogged and the oil has nowhere to go, we again have the irritating factor of hormone fluctuation. These sebaceous glands want to produce more oil but where will it go? It will go nowhere.

The follicle will try to hold on to this pore and will eventually swell to accommodate it. When it can no longer stretch it will simply explode inside the skin to release the oil outside of the follicle. We now have bacteria called P. Bacillum that feeds on the oil that is out of the follicle. It then releases toxic excrements that cause infection and redness. It is now a real pimple. If the follicle explodes deeper, rather than on the surface of the skin the pimple is then bigger and more painful. So where in Clearwater can you find someone to help the situation? How to you stop pimples from forming? There’s only one place in Clearwater, FL that will tell you the first thing that must be addressed is the formation of clogged pores. Nicole’s will cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Prevention & Cure

What to do with the Pimples that are already there? First it is a good idea to get a cleansing facial (by a well trained esthetician) that will clean the pores properly without damaging the skin, and if you are near Palm Harbor, the best place to go is very close by. This will eliminate the blemishes that are already there quickly.

By using the following products you will help maintain the skin and slow the formation of clog pores, and therefore keep the skin free of blemishes!

Acne Eraser Cleanser contains ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acid, papain and bromelain are all very helpful to dissolve oil and dead cells that can clog pores. Salicylic acid kills bacteria that cause infection and inflammation. This cleanser also contains Aloe Vera gel, lavender and soap worth to heal redness and irritation and Vitamin B to calm and regulate the sebaceous glands. We also want to pull the pore out of the skin without dehydrating it by using harsh and drying agents such as isopropyl alcohol and benzoyl peroxide.

The addition the Acne Eraser Astringent will help remove the oil from the skin without drying it. It contains SD Alcohol, which is derived from the celery stalk (a non drying alcohol), and Menthol to collect the skin. Applying the acne Eraser Gelee will rapidly help heal the blemishes that were already there. It contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil (kills bacteria that causes infection), witch hazel (heals broken skin, helps tighten pores and reduces inflammation), Vitamin B (regulates sebaceous glands), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Lavender (promotes healing).