Manicure, Pedicure and the Final Touches

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Exfoliating Hand treatment
A gentle pineapple and papaya enzyme scrub followed by a glycolic peel. A gommage is then applied to erase loose, flaky skin left on the surface, leaving the skin smooth and glowing.
30 Minutes – $50

TCA Hand Peel

A layer of TCA 25%  applied on the back of the hands takes years off your hands.
15 mins – $35

We take pride in our professional cleanliness. Our method of distinfection and sanitation after each pedicure is supperior and extremely efficient.
50 Minutes – $35

French – $38

45 Minutes – $16

French – $19

Gel Nails
60 Minutes – $55

Fill – $35

Lash Tint / Brow Tint
A safe vegetable dye formulated expecially for the delicate tissue around the eyes. This method is effective for people with light lastes and brows.
15 Minutes
Brows – $15    Lash – $18

Waxing Treatment

Face (Cheeks/Lips/Chin) – $30
Lip – $10
Chin – $10
Brows/Shaping – $14
Upper Legs – $35
Lower Legs – $26
Bikini – $26
Brazilian – $55
Underarm – $16
Arms (Full not including shoulders) – $40
Forearms (including elbows) – 30
Back or Chest – $50

Non Surgical-Face Lift
Electrochemical process that addresses the natural conditions leading to decreased muscle tone and skin elasticity; produces clearer skin tone, reduces wrinkles and sags.
25 Minutes – $45

Light Therapy
A non-invasive polychromatic infrared therapy that penetrates the skin to rebuild elastic and collagen fiber; proven effective in toning and tightening, giving the skin a softer, more radiant appearance. This exceptional anti-inflammatory treatment is effective in accelerating skin healing following surgery or injury.
25 Minutes – $45

Total Lift Treatment
This combination of light therapy and non-surgical facelft is very effective in toning and tightening the full face area. Visible results are best achieved with consecutive weekly visits. 6 to 10 treatments are recommended.
55 Minutes – $80

Neck Treatment
This treatment is utilizing the non-surgical facelift and the light therapy to tone and tighten the neck area.
25 Minutes – $40

Eye Contour Treatment
The combination of the non-surgical facelift and the light therapy is utilized to sothe and decongest, tone and hydrate the eye area.
25 Minutes – $40

Lam Probe
A non-invasive treatment for removal of thicker skin growth and brown spots.
15 Minutes – $50

A non-invasive, fast and effective treatment for removing visible capillaries, skin tags and ruby points.
15 Minutes – $55