Skin Rejuvenation | 

A perfect way to experience a new treatment and benefit from the specialized skin care at the Nicole Skin Care Center.

Ageless Beauty Package:

-Skin consultation

-European Facial

- Glycolic Peel or touch-up Microdermabrasion (10 mins)

-Light Therapy session.

Total Time 2 hours – $150



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Ask about our Special Seasonal and Holiday packages.

While we offer individual service for various skin and face treatments for our clients, when they come to visit us at Nicole’s Skin Care in Safety Harbor, FL, we also provide more comprehensive beauty treatment packages. We understand that sometimes our clients want to have a day to be pampered and cared for, without worrying about lots of little costs that add up, which is why we have come up with a few different packages that our customers can choose from when they are ready to let someone else take care of their body’s physical maintenance for a day in an environment and peaceful and pretty as Palm Harbor.

We offer the Ageless Beauty Package, the Body Glow Package, and the Stress Away Package for our clients to choose from, which are unique to our business and throughout the Clearwater region. Each of these packages does something a little bit different from the other, although the result is the same for each of them. You will leave our care feeling more relaxed and happier than when you came to us.

We have beauty service packages that will make your face glow and make you look younger than you actually are, much like the palm trees in Palm Harbor. This will make you stand out in any crowd and leave people in admiration of the beauty that lies underneath the stress and rigors or your modern workday life. We also have a beauty package that will help clean and refresh your skin so you can go to the beach and not feel self-conscious about having peeling, or rough skin when others are looking better, so no matter where in Safety Harbor you go, you will be considered a beauty.

We will put you on par or ahead of others in our diligent skin treatments, so you can have a tone and smoothness that others with admire and be jealous of. Then we provide a massage package that is designed to soothe away the stresses of life so you can go about your days with less stress and worries weighing on your frame, and cause poor posture and other negative aspects that can afflict your life, and Palm Harbor and Florida in general are places meant to inspire comfort.