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In this day in age there are many great beauticians available to anyone that goes to a salon. Getting a cosmetics consult and then a makeover is something that you can find easily. Not only looking your best, but learning how to get the look that is best for you and the know-how you need so you can repeat it at home without the beautician in your bathroom.

Many beauty products that are on the market should be reviewed before you buy and use. You want to make sure that the cosmetics you use will not add to troubles skin. The face is one of the most sensitive of all areas on your body. The 5.5 acid barrier can easily get stripped when using some beauty products. Even the anti-aging products can cause trouble so you want to make sure that they are the right PH balance and that they work.

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There are many beauty products on the market that do not have any additives and that will keep your PH balanced and not irritate. Do a skin test with any new product you are not used to using so that you can see if you have any reaction to the product before using it all over. If you have truly sensitive skin the products you need are more than something that says “PH Balanced” on the bottle or beauty product. You can purchase a test kit to find out what the PH is for the product. You want to stay in the 5.5 Acid range as that is the level you were born with and why babies have such soft skin. Since the day you were born you have been using beauty products that have stripped your PH to an alkaline level up to fourteen, not only stripping the acid barrier but reversing it so badly that many people have many bad skin conditions due to this. Make sure you check this out so that you can handle any skin conditions you may have correctly.

Cosmetic Services

Manicure – $16

French Manicure – $19

Pedicure – $35

Lash Tint – $16

Brow Tint – $13

Waxing Treatments:

                Face (cheeks/lip/chin) – $25+

                Upper Lip – $8

                Brows/shaping – $12

                Chin – $9-$11

                Upper Legs – $33+

                Lower Legs (incl. knee) – $23+

                Full Legs – $50+

                Bikini (not including thighs) – $22+

Underarms – $13

                Arms (1/2 incl.elbows)$25

                Back or Chest – $40 – 50

Air Brush Tanning (full body) – $30

Make-up Consultation And Application:  Personalized consultation and experienced professional make-up application to enhance natural beauty and features.  Popular for special occasions-ask about wedding party pricing.

                Full Consultation and Make-up Application

                60 Minutes                                   $50

                Make-up Application

                30 Minutes                                   $30


Everyone wants to look amazing, and no one wants to take a risk with his or her health in the process. This is why the highly trained beauticians atBeautiful Lady After Her Cosmetics Treatment At Nicole's Skin Care Nicole’s Skin Care in Safety Harbor, Florida, are some of the best around. We have made sure to hire and work with the best professionals with cosmetics and beauty products, so we can guarantee our clients have the best service possible that you can receive around Palm Harbor, Florida.

This means that we test our employees on the current standards of our industry and care, as well as giving them the incentives they need to keep up to date in the product market of beauty products and services as well as the medical conditions that can be associated with the use of some products and services, in order to determine which is best for each of our clients, as the range of clients we have in Safety Harbor, FL is extensive and each has different needs. While we are a cosmetics shop, and enjoy helping others look good, or even beautiful, we also care immensely about the health of our clients, and we will not knowingly provide a service or product that will negatively affect our customers whether they are coming from Palm Harbor or elsewhere.

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Some of our more popular cosmetics services are, unsurprisingly, manicures and pedicures. Not only are these relatively inexpensive services that we provide, but they also help our clients most commonly used limbs maintain a high quality of beauty. In Safety Harbor, Florida, it is common for people to wear sandals all year round, and no one really wants to wear sandals with feet that have peeling skin or ragged toenails. This is where we can help. We will give you a thorough pedicure to allow your feet to look as good as the weather outside feels, so you do not have to be embarrassed going outside with feet that look less than perfect so you can go unashamed to the beaches around Palm Harbor and everywhere else.