There are many full body treatments that you can pick from to have rejuvenating young and healthy skin from head to toe. In Safety Harbor, FL there is one salon that stands above the rest for these luxuries. A spa body treatment can include massages and facials or body wraps used to make the skin not only look healthy, but to detoxify your skin. Depending on the spa service you receive, you can expect hydrating elements and regenerating cells to make you look and feel younger, and at Nicole’s Skin Care near Palm Harbor, Fl that can be yours in a flash.

If you have skin issues, make sure you get a full consultation from your beauty technician disclosing all the problem areas, at Nicole’s in Safety Harbor. Many body scrubs and spa body treatments are designed to enhance different areas of your skin. The body scrubs are really wonderful to handle dull, aging and dry skin, while the body wrap services can be rejuvenating for your skin. This will make your body feel soft and youthful again so you can go to the Clearwater area beaches proudly.

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Having a day at the spa is beneficial and while you are there, you can treat many troubled areas rather than just one problem. While most spa body treatments are bought by the hour you can really schedule out your day going from one spa service to another. Getting a deep ‘body massage’ first, could be the relaxation you need. Then going to your next spa service, such as a ’great facial, which includes a body scrub. Or maybe you would want a facial that will rejuvenate the damaged layer of your skin and restore your acid mantle so that your skin is soft, beautiful, and brings you back to your correct PH balance. After this you will be well on your way to handling any skin troubles you may have, and it can all be done at the same place in Safety Harbor, FL.

Another great spa service that you can receive is a pedicure with a sugar scrub. Getting rid of all the dead skin and making your feet feel like they can breathe again not only feels great, but it is great for your health. While at the spa see what other services they may offer to make your day complete.

Hydro-massage Therapy:  Relieves body tension, releases tightness and reduces stress by utilizing the power of water and heat in a dry hydro-massage system.  Originally developed for the medical industry over a decade ago, this system offers all of the benefits of a deep penetrating massage without getting wet, disrobing or having “hands on” contact with a massage therapist.

20 Minutes                                    $20

Traditional Massage Therapies:  Deep tissue relaxation massages address preferences for stress reduction and muscle relaxation.

30 Minutes                                    $35

60 Minutes                                    $65

Air Brush Tanning: The use of amino acids is a very safe and effective way to achieve a beautiful natural tan. When this water-based solution is applied to the skin, it stimulates the skin’s own melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin a beautiful tanned color.

15 Minutes                                     $30

Cell Cleanse Ion Foot Bath: This treatment relaxes, cleanses, detoxifies, balances and enhances the body’s bio energy. Cells release waste that has bonded to them, returning the cells to a healthy state.

30 Minutes                                     $30